NAFSIKA PALACE HOTEL is ideally located in the heart of the shopping district of Itea, a quiet picturesque costal town, within walking distance from the sea. Itea is a small family town at the roots of mount Parnassos and only 15 minutes away from Delphi and yet another 20' from the most beautiful costal little town of Galaxidi. What's rather unique about Itea is location itself, since it is a divine combination of sea and mountain.

The hotel has been fully renovated in 2007, with ulterior purpose to initiate a new vision in accommodation and relaxation, now boasts the most luxurious rooms and suites in the town of Itea with a magnificent view of the blue blue sea.


The Oracle of Delphi (12 klm from Nafsika palace hotel)
Built on the slopes of Mount Parnassos, the town and ancient site of Delphi are as awe-inspiring now as it most likely was three thousand years ago, overlooking the Gulf of Corinth and a valley filled with olive and cyprus trees. T Delphi in ancient times was considered the center of the known world, the place where heaven and earth met. In Mythology, Delphi was the meeting place of two eagles, released by Zeus and sent in opposite directions. The place they finally met is known for centuries as the center of the earth, the oracle of Delphi .For thousands years something 'magical' has been going on in Delhi, and the fact that the town still attracts millions of visitors per year makes you believe, some of that magic is still there. The sanctuary of Apollo is located in the center of ancient Delphic close by lies the ancient theater, built in the 4th century, and further above are the ruins of the large stadium which was famous for its chariot races, renovated by Herod Atticus and considered the best preserved in all of Greece. The Sacred Way leads to the temple, passing the treasuries and monuments that commemorate great events The treasury of the Athenians has been reconstructed, nevertheless, the Treasury of the Sifniots is a sight for sore eyes. The frieze of the treasury is now in the archaeological museum along with many artifacts from the site including the omphalos, the sculptured cone that stood in the exact center of the world and the famous bronze statue of the Charioteer, one of the most celebrated pieces of ancient art in the world. Below these ruins are the Temple of Pronaia Athena, The Tholos is probably the most widely recognized building on the site because of the color of the marble and the fact that it is a round temple. Beyond is the Gymnasium and the Palaistra, used to train the athletes who competed in the Pythian games, held every four years to commemorate Apollo's victory over Python. The Castelian spring is where pilgrims washed themselves before consulting the oracle and the crystal clear water still flows from it has it has for thousands of years.

From Athens Airport: 180km
From Delphi: 12km
From the ski center: 40km
From Galaxidi: 14km

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